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FREESCHA "Freeschaland" - CD + Digital Audio


2 Disc Collection of 23 Rare & Out Of Print Tracks. Comes with a FREE immediate download of the album at checkout

This offer contains:

-Making Oranges
-Big As A Mouse
-Holiday Frost
-Morning Music
-The Silver Screen
-Nonchalaunch Pad
-Delicious Pink Baby Funk
-Making Oranges (Version)
-Lil' Boo
-Premature Come God
-The Sun Is Still...Still
-Lover Munchkin
-Live & Learn Me
-Play Your Jam
-Speed Dater
-Freescha "Freeschaland" - Album Art
-FREESCHA "Freeschaland" - CD

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless
-Source Audio

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